In this sector, Cardarelli Studio has gained a considerable amount of expertise over the traditional models adopted by its competitors. Thanks to the exclusive experience gained in the 90s at a national level in the specific segment of subsidized loans, whose laws, implementing decrees and regulations, require supervision by professionals with both a marked sensitivity and understanding of the many business contexts of the multiple sectors within the economy in which its clients operate, a deep knowledge of commercial law, tax law, law and banking techniques, as well as business models, the team at Studio Cardarelli crystallizes the optimal financial structure of the realizing investment, overseeing the inevitable repercussions on the company’s financial statements, also from a fiscal tax point of view.


In this context Studio Cardarelli assists companies and their shareholders in preparing sophisticated information memorandums to be presented to the banking system, analyzing the target economic sector, analyzing the competition, identifying the critical and successful factors of the initiative de quo, in drafting the economic-financial business plan, in proposing to financial partners the optimal term sheet with the financial covenants.


The Firm has gained a deep understanding and sensitivity towards the negotiation and structuring of extraordinary corporate finance transactions, both in real estate and in the negotiation conventions of buying and selling companies and / or corporations, hard skills such as leveraged buy-outs, management buy-out, merger leveraged buy-outs, and high yield financing.

Cardarelli Studio has also acquired significant expertise in the procedures for the issue and placement of bond loans (so-called mini-bonds) on the ExtraMOT-Pro market, organized and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA, looking after the preparation of the Admission Document to negotiation.

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