Over the years, Cardarelli Studio has developed significant skills and experience both in Tax Litigation, whatever its status and severity, and in supervising each stage of the delicate relations with the Financial Administration, in the context of invitations to the adversarial of the Offices, of the Processes Acknowledgment reports, tax audits of the Revenue Agency, and of the deflationary instruments of the dispute.

In all the phases of the dispute before the tax courts, Studio Cardarelli puts in place its best resources with extremely positive final results.

From 2015, the year in which Legislative Decree no. 128/2015 relating to the new “abuse of the right”, Cardarelli Studio is particularly dedicated to the study of the rules and the evolution of practices and jurisprudence, being a subject that is significantly delicate, for some years the subject of “attentions” by the Financial Administration which, not uncommonly, redevelops legal acts stipulated by Companies and / or Taxpayers, harboring tax and civil effects different from those desired, resulting in an inevitable dispute that is not always easily remedied.

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