Companies, like their trusted professionals, can:

  • observe what happens
  • ask themselves what happened
  • determine what happens

Cardarelli Studio, founded in Rome in 1990 by Stefano Cardarelli, Chartered Accountant, is a team of professionals and collaborators highly specialised in economic disciplines with particular emphasis on corporate & business, taxation & litigation law, banking & finance, tax planning, extraordinary corporate transactions, and negotiation. Cardarelli Studio positions itself as a solutions provider for companies and their dominus, supporting each one’s growth and evolution with the goal of pursuing and achieving pre-set targets. Discipline, Competence, Creativity, Innovation, Dedication and Confidentiality are the qualities that make up the DNA of Cardarelli Studio and are alongside entrepreneurs and their companies, regardless of the economic sector in which they operate. Adapting to and understanding the mission, the business, and the dynamics of the company down to the smallest detail makes it possible to optimise managerial choices, offer high level, punctual and coordinated consultancy that allows for an exclusive overview of “events”, both favourable and less favourable, that will inevitably occur throughout the life of the company.

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